Meet the Mystic Girlz!

Since the arrival of Mattel's monstrously popular Monster High line back in 2010 a variety of other knock-offs or similarities have came up. But the knock-offs are the most funniest. Hence toy company Simba has brought out a line of their own called Mystic Girlz. It takes the scary cool concept by having the girls and guys being supposedly just some scary goth girls living their own lifestyle as any other emo, goth, scene kid would. These are the items currently available....

Spooky Diary
Mystic Girlz
Scary Couple

Midnight PJ
Night Ride
Scary Fashion Set
Pumpkin Carriage
Scary Diary
Surly the fans of Monster High, Novi Stars, Winx Club, Bratzillaz, Bratz, and Mystixx Vampires will sink their fangs into this.

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