The Dead Rabbitts - Edge Of Reality

Craig Mabbitt has had one busy career as a musician from being involved with The Word Alive, Blessthefall, Escape The Fate and now a whole another project in the making The Dead Rabbitts. The Dead Rabbitts consists of Alex Torres (guitars) formerly of Eyes Set to Kill, TJ Bell (bass), and Tony Aguilera (drums) formerly of The Word Alive.

Since mention of this project last December Mabbitt has been hard at work not only on this release but Escape The Fate's  as well. Mabbitt went on to tell the fans that if reached certain amounts of likes on Facebook that songs would slowly be unleashed so with that some have sparked interest from the title track off the EP "Edge of Reality" to "World of Disaster". With this the band even went on a short headlining run of dates to promote the band and it's release but did it get the job done and word out?

Well it just so happens that The Dead Rabbitts takes the same formula as used in Escape The Fate's releases since Mabbitt's arrival so with that you get a double header of tunes having you whom you're listening too. While this release does progress a more solid ground breaking style of more hardcore beats with screaming tactics plastered all over - it is just another copy-cat to what was heard before.

Surely the fans of Escape The Fate, Blessthefall, and The Word Alive will jump for joy after hearing this.

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