Her Dying Regret - The Siren

Reading, UK has got a new addition to its rooster of acts this one going by the name of Her Dying Regret. Their debut release "The Siren" brings the experience of other acts such as As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, Texas In July, and even Asking Alexandria to life musically and artistically.

"Close Your Eyes", "Serpent", and "I Heard You're a Traitor", each portray an approach of energy that uses its own source of uniqueness having the vocals be fierce yet powerful. Whilst the guitar and drum attics keeps the music energetic from start to finish of each song. A lot of the chorus and music patterns makes you want to rise your fist in the air and bob your head back and forth.

Her Dying Regret is surly not your typical let alone average sounding metalcore band they are that one metalcore act that never sounded this good.

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