I THE BREATHER Vocalist Starts New Management Company; Looking For New Talent

After years on the road with I THE BREATHER, vocalist Shawn Spann has launched a new management company to help out younger bands.

Spann states: "Aside from fronting my own band, I The Breather", I found a love and passion of the management aspect in bands. I love coming up with ideas that I feel will work to benefit bands and watch them either fail or grow. Its something many people never get the chance to experience. I figured that the opportunity was given to me to chase my dream and it was my chance to give it back to the world. With that being said, "Creation Artist Development" was born in May of 2012 to help guide artists in a professional direction. I built a team that does our best to help guide artists through many fazes of being a band, Ranging from helping them with learning proper promotion skills to managing finances. A band is much more than fun and games, It is a business and if you do not treat it as one it will not last. I plan on making this company grow into a dominant future music industry titan. Keep your eyes peeled for us because WE WILL be making an impact on this music industry, Theirs no doubt in my mind… Its just a matter of time.

We are currently looking for managers, company interns and musical talent. If any of this applies to you and or your band please send a formal email to CreationArtistDevelopment@gmail.com. Including info about you and or your band.

Creation Artists:
Convalesce: Based out of Jacksonville, FL
Under City Skylines: Based out of VA Beach, VA
The Stranger Beside Me: Based out of Salt Lake City, UT
My City, My Secret: Based out of Buffalo, NY
I, Revival: Based out Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Find us on Facebook: Facebook.com/CreationArtistGeneration

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