Blood On The Dance Floor - The Anthem Of The Outcast

Summer was surpassed with the likes of techno enthusiasts Blood On The Dance Floor, having had them release "Evolution" their fifth album to date. But that would not be the last of hearing from them Hallow's eve would bring outcasts of all regions to unite together with an EP called "The Anthem Of The Outcast".

Whilst many may or may not be aware this EP brings not just one release but two taking their previous "Clubbed To Death" EP release and tosses it at the end making it a full circle entitlement if you will. But with this EP you get the traditional style that this duo has possessed since day one but in a matured matter. Having such songs as "The Comeback", "Hell on Heels (Givin’ In To Sin)", featuring a guest spot from New Years Day, "Worlds Away and "Don't Want To Be Like You", are the selective tunes that clearly flow well as far as melody and vocal chords are concerned. Various melodies and riffing styles can be heard throughout this release giving the listener a real grasp of what's being played let alone said.

This is Blood On The Dance Floor and they continue to establish a uniqueness that has been with them since the beginning of their career. There is no telling as to how further they plan to go and what musical direction or approach they plan to uphold next.

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