Alex Calise - AC3

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Alex Calise is back with an all new release this time an EP entitled "AC3". This time around isn't much different than before Alex still brings that easy go listening hard rock vibe with all of the right melodies, riffs, and lyrics instated.

"Why", "Survive", and "Not Crazy", are the pick of the litter being the one's that stand out above the rest. For instance "Why", and "Not Crazy", consist of that raw in your face adrenaline. Whereas "Survive", brings that adrenaline down having it be more of a ballad or interlude type of tune. The remainder of the EP picks it right back up where "Why", had left off it being nothing but a rush!

All in all the music is indeed very uplifting and catchy and just has an upbeat sensation pushing throughout the whole release keeping the music refreshing after each and every listen.

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