Sleeping Beauty Enchants Los Angeles for St. Patrick's Day!

Nine O'Clock Players Theatre is a program for children, that is run by the Assistance League Theater, which is one of the oldest performing children's theaters in the U.S. Having hosted more than 17,000 children from the Los Angeles area alone, performing so many different showcases with that, there is so much more they have to offer, that is is endless....

With that said, the Nine O'Clock Players Theatre has had a brief spring time musical play adventure of Sleeping Beauty. This being the "Enchanted Sleeping Beauity: The Legend of Briar-Rose", which is a book by the author Vera Morris. Music and lyrics done by Bill Francoeur, direction and choreography by Eric Michaud and musical direction by Andy Gladbatch. Performing for the next 4 Sundays throughout the month of March, at 2PM, this showcase would be a successor. Having attended the St. Patrick's Day performance Sunday March 17th, several school buses were seen just outside the theatre, with other attendee's arriving as well.

Upon entering the outdoor patio area, with some photo opportunities, snacks and drinks available, tickets could be picked up at the Will Call window. A little after 1:30PM, doors were open, and guests were admitted into the theater. Sitting being available in the center section, and either side left or right of the theater, the center was taken by the array of field trip students who had arrived on the school buses out front. While the rest of the theater was open to the rest of the guests.

After taking our seats, awaiting for the show to begin, a little after 2PM, the crowd was greeted with an announcement over the loud speaker, concerning the rules of this afternoon performance. No filing or photography were permitted, once that was said and done, the lights deemed and the show began!


Performing for 1 hour and 15 minutes, with a 20 minute intermission, the musical play that is Sleeping Beauty was done beautifully and very funny. All of the cast, most performed by women, minus the Prince. Which was actually unique, to see such females do such an amazing job well done. The cast made the show more enjoyable, with crowd interaction, the kiddos really getting involved and taking in what is likely their first theatre experience. The rest of the audience embracing it too, laughing, cheering, and admiring the sights of the set, to the sounds, like thunder, lightening, fog, screen effects too; made it come alive!

This tale being a re-imagining of the classic story, made it that more fun. The characters like Princess Briar-Rose and Prince Alexander made their romance funny yet lovable, whereas the bad witch Evilina was downright too funny and so uplifting it was hard not to root for team baddie! The rest of the cast bringing the fun, making the whole performance just so memorable. After the performance guests were able to meet the cast for photos and autographs in the patio area outside the theatre!


The music, songs, production, well worth it done by this cast and crew and its little theatre that could. Cast greeted guests outside in the patio area after their performance, with everyone beaming with joy. The Nine O'Clock Players/Assistance League Theatre is worth a visit, because all there is friendly and fun!

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