Municipal Waste Brings a Sold Out Show to Los Angeles with No Time to Waste!


Municipal Waste has been in celebration since the re-release of their debut album EP release “Waste’em All”, that the band had decided to go out on tour entitled the “Brainsqueeze Tour 2024”, featuring openers Dead Heat, Necrot, and Ghoul! Making a stop in Los Angeles County in California, at this newer venue called The Bellwether. The doors were open at 7PM, with fans filing in soon after, lining up around the corner once inside, to grab some merchandise, drinks, food, exploring this new establishment.

Openers Dead Heat got the crowd excited and entertained at first, wanting the empty pit to get some action, which was done, the audience really digging what the band was tossing out. The band kept the music decent yet heavy throughout the set. Interaction with the crowd, was one thing, with the music being another, that kept it all in check, and just a good time for an opener.


Next up would be Necrot, whose performance was fast and heavy through and through, getting that mosh pit moving rather quickly, which kept that momentum of the crowd that more crazy. Which is what continued to happen, throughout this band’s set, the music being not just heavy but intense as well. Everyone approved with lots of movement, cheers, and headbanging. They were surely an act that would be one to see again.


But the evening was not over because co-headliners Ghoul would appear causing such chaos it was unbelievable. From start to finish the band would erupt the audience more than ever this night. Mosh pit exploding with such force, no one was standing still. The theatrics was entertaining with its assortment of characters and story, the story-line being about our world and the egg behind it or something along those lines. The actual egg making an appearance in show, that even some characters squirted the crowd with ooze and juices that it was so much fun. Their set being so energized it felt as if they would not end their set. The crowd really getting into it all, that they wanted more as well. Ghoul is one band that brings the stage presence in a whole another level.


Lastly would be Municipal Waste, concluding the night, their set being more massive than the previous performers. Such energy was unleashed, that no one was meant to stay still at all. Everyone went whichever way possible, the mosh pit, crowd surfers, it was never ending literally. As soon as the band hit the stage, that is when the performance would not end. Such fast paced energy, it was flawless, that an encore was needed with the crowd chanting onward. Even the band would not believe such angst and momentum given from the LA crowd, they could not believe it. The crowd was so enthralled with excitement that they chanted “Municipal Waste is gon'a FUCK YOU UP!” at the beginning of the show, that the band took notice saying “We’re not there yet”. Ending the night with that very song, that an encore was performed ending with a sweaty mess that felt overwhelmingly endless. 



1. The Executioner
2. Sweet Attack
3. Mind Eraser
4. Breathe Grease
5. You’re Cut Off
6. Grave Dive
7. The Thrashin of the Christ
8. Poison the Preacher
9. Beer Pressure
10. Thrashing’s My Business… And Business Is Good
11. Headbanger Face Rip
12. Blood Vessel
13. High Speed Steel
14. Waste’Em All
15. Toxic Revolution
16. Drunk As Shit
17. Substitute Creature
18. Wave of Death
19. Sadistic Magician
20. Slime and Punishment
21. Under the Waste Command
22. Terror Shark
23. Pre-Game
24. The Art of Partying
25. Born to Partying
26. Demoralizer

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