The GFM Band, Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh Releases New Video Single "Framing My Perception"

Today one of the newest signings to Rockfest Records, the vibrant and talented metal female three piece GFM, release their new music video for “Framing My Perception.” The EP, named after the track, is set to release on May 27th. The single showcases the bands unique abilities to mix their heavy metal sound with clean, melodic vocals and an unforgettable chorus. The music video depicts the battle of struggling with addiction within yourself and letting it take over, but rising above it and becoming  stronger in the end.

“With this video, We wanted to portray the raw, honest truth of addiction. It’s not so much about the battle with the substance itself, but it’s about a persons past and the pain that comes along with it. In the darkest moments, sometimes it seems like the best option to drown out the pain and the memories. However, that will only hurt more in the long run. There is hope, and your life is worth living to the fullest!” - GFM

Check out the newest video single right HERE.

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