Eufobia - Self-Titled

Eufobia's third full-length album went the "Self-Titled" approach with titling. It was released only two years ago back in 2016, so while it has been sometime since it's release, does the album actually still hold up? Well it actually does, Eufobia taking the approach of titling it after themselves is one thing. But another thing that makes this release so unqiue is probably the styling of the music. They play metal, except combine the likes of metal music and some elements of death metal mixed with thrash metal at times. This combination being quite decent for them. The album as a whole really makes such tracks as their included singles like "Liquid of Creation", "Hater", and "Graveyard" really "pop"! How so? Well the tracks just have this source of rhythm going, it's fast paced, edgy yet energy driven through and through. Whilst the vocalization provided throughout these selected tracks, makes the material sound more vivid and fluid, almost running on an unstoppable flow of motion. These along with the rest of the album, really just pack in the material wholesomely together; as a nice tight package that sounds fierce yet extensive. All in all Eufobia's "Self-Titled" album is a third album release, is a solid piece of work, that will likely continue to develop as the band progresses and grows together as musicians.

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