The New Occupants - Be Careful What You Listen To featuring Mr. MooQ

The New Occupants have an all new song that has been remixed by producer Mr. MooQ or Chuck Zwicky. The song is called "Be Careful What You Listen To", and when the track was very first released, The New Occupants had thought the song would be done, as it was released as a video as well, going on to receive views and listens many times. But when Mr. MooQ had heard the track, he took matters into his own hands mixing the track to his unique styling and what resulted is apparently better off than what was there previously.

The revised track and accompanying video for that matter, has Mr. MooQ talking over the track, on and off throughout, depicting his thoughts as the track plays on. As the music plays though, the mixing of both, makes it sound heavier yet more weirder when listening in on it.

It sounds as if The New Occupants and Mr. MooQ's togetherness makes the track become more like something Rob Zombie would think up really. His style being known for heaviness mixed with weird variety as well. That is how this track tends to play out to being like.

Not only that, but the track overall, and video's concept appeal, just go hand in hand together believe it not. Both rubbing off one another, makes this whole entirety of artists and music, just work out how it should, it being a very creative piece of work, with lots of flare and tons of attitude as well.
Surely more unique mixes from Mr. MooQ and The New Occupants will come forth, making more material, be even weirder than the last set of works. Given time, this will happen for sure.

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