Yam Haus - West Coast

Yam Haus's song called "West Coast", first sounded like it would be something out of the EDM or techno sense at the intro portion at least. Which it does but then it trails off to what the band is known for, that being pop and rock music! This song coming off the album "Stargazer".

As said, the track started off one way then took a turn for another. The band brought to mind such acts as All Time Low down to Boys Like Girls. That pop rock mixture that Yam Haus is aiming for and makes possible through this track and their music as a whole really.

The track is just very outgoing, fun, and highly entertaining as well. It has an upbeat tone of rhythm with an overbearing need to keep the listener at ease. As if the band creates music such as this styling, to make it be more noticeable yet still lots of fun to hear too.

Most likely Yam Haus will have their works be played on major radio stations if not gaining speed with popularity in other methods. Their music is showcased within this album and track is easy to enjoy. After hearing the track even a couple of times, their music tends to grow on you.

If they are not the next big band to become something more, then they will likely be another band that will be recognized more so than just once or twice. Yam Haus' "West Coast" track just being the start to maybe more greater things in coming time for sure.


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