Distant Drops New Single/Video feat. Will Ramos of Lorna Shore: "Heritage"

Distant - the multinational down-tempo/deathcore juggernaut from Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and the Slovak Republic - will release their third full-length, Heritage, via Century Media Records. 

Distant comments: "'Heritage', the title track from the newest Distant album, is a playful and colorful track featuring Will Ramos from Lorna Shore.

"'Heritage' is a breathtakingly heavy track yet still emotional, with a huge chorus and pace to last you for days, showcasing the diversity of our Dutch/Slovak collective!

"At last, the father and son cross blades; during this exhausting battle, they remember the times forgotten as the clash of their blades sparks new light and brings up the twisted revelation of this catastrophic deception."

For a preview of "Heritage", the new single/video for the title track - feat. Lorna Shore's Will Ramos! - can be seen here: https://youtu.be/amt9dFlm8go.


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