Sorrow Enthroned Talks of EPs, Singles, and Much More!

Black metal/death metal group SORROW ENTHRONED has been around for sometime, releasing what will be their third full-length album this year, but a few EP's and singles are already available as it were. The band talks of their content, how they came to be and what the future holds.

1. Please tell us about the history of your band and its members.

Sorrow Enthroned is a one man band, I started in about 2019. I have been playing guitar for years and decided to start songwriting.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

The bands name is a contradiction, it implies that sorrow is the only truth of the universe and so it should be exalted and revered.

3. Where is the band based out of and what is your music scene like there? Are there any local bands you could recommend?

I have lived in various towns around ct mainly in the Hartford area. The scene isn’t huge here, but there are some really good bands and a decent turnout at live shows. We have a lot of deathcore, like shadow of intent and boundaries, and for death metal vomit forth is awesome.

4. How would you describe your style?

I started as black metal and slowly started incorporating more death metal elements, the next album will be just about all death metal.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

Full length number 3 is coming 2023, and I have a few EP's and singles. The recording quality is raw, and there are topics like depression, occultism and violence.

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

Yes its coming along well

7. How about playing shows and touring, have anything planned out?

Nothing planned, I was offered to play a festival last year but I don’t know any other musicians near me.

8. What plans do you have for the future as a band?

Continue making music and evolving the sound, it is a great outlet for me

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

Bandcamp has my full lengths for sale, it is cheaper than the streaming services, the EP's are free to download. Stream on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, any streaming service. 

10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember the most when hearing your music for the first time?

I want the listeners to feel like they are burning in hell while listening to my music. Thank you!

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