The Funeral Portrait are thrilled to announce the release of their brand new single “Alien” via Better Noise Music. 

“Alien” further showcases the band’s songwriting capabilities and ethos. In their own words: “The Funeral Portrait stands to represent the outcasts from all walks of life. The misunderstood, the different, the neurodivergent, LGBT+, marginalized, and any others given an unfair hand in life. To offer a sense of community, a place to belong, a space where they can feel safe and accepted for their differences. We all grew up “the weird kid” who was saved by music & the alternative culture, so we feel obligated to return this to the younger generation”.

Lee Jennings comments: “’Alien’ is a track that talks about a character feeling ostracized by their peers. The feeling that everyone gets the joke but them. It is so easy to feel disconnected and alienated when surrounded by ‘normal’ people who don’t struggle in the same ways as yourself. I spent many years growing up feeling like I was not just an outsider but an “alien”. It was so hard to find where I belonged on this earth until one day I decided that none of that mattered and just kept living my life as me and stayed true to myself.” -

Their message runs deep and throughout their forthcoming debut album, which is due out in 2023. The Funeral Portrait’s theatrics and dramatic presentation is yet another way to underline the band’s core values.

The track is accompanied by a music video, which can be watched HERE.

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