Major Moment - Before It's Too Late

Major Moment did a superb job upon their tribute cover of Linkin Park's "Leave Out All The Rest" track. But before that track even had shown up, the band had gone on to release their debut album titled "One Small Step", with a track accompanying it titled "Before It's Too Late".

This track being the follow-up to the first track off the album, that being an "Intro", whereas "Before It's Too Late", followed through soon after the "Intro", track. Either way, this particular track, is a lot like the tribute track they released sometime after. It has similar vibrations, sources of melody, and lots of energy throughout. Vocalization provided is very clean cut, keeping up with the instrumentation rather well.

In fact, the track plays off as a whole, very direct and grounding. In other words, the band Major Moment just are so able to craft together working's, that the material just suites itself. Everything working together so willingly, that it contributes to the music more so than all else.

"Before It's Too Late", is a type of track, that plays well, creating this energy rhythm that does not want to quite. It plays forward, showcasing what raw and overwhelming talent, that an act like Major Moment has got to show. This track just like the tribute track, play off one another, showing similarities but are still unique and their own thing.

All in all, Major Moment is an act that has got worth of showing something. It can be heard upon this track of course, along with the rest of their works on their album "One Small Step". Surely being an act to follow-up on, that you will not just forget about, but recall probably more than once.

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