From Ashes Reborn - Existence Exiled

"Existence Exiled" is the debut full-length album from melodic death metal act From Ashes Reborn. Having been founded in 2017, with musicians featured from different parts of Germany, this band spent time writing and recording material that would lead to this type of release. One filled with riffs, blast beats, drum progression with accompanying melodic hooks and harmonic instrumentals that would be epic yet dramatic. Mixing such a diversity of combining not just melodic death metal but a mix of classical, black, and death metal elements, From Ashes Reborn's "Existence Exiled", is one of those releases that is not to be ignored but ignites with such power it is non-stop angst of adrenaline. Thus, the array of tracks ranging from such as "Fight For The Light", "Follow The Rising", and "Infected", to name off a few from this album, are quite intense. The mentioned notes of there being riffs, blast beats, and then some is all present. Vocalization being key here, as they bring forth such an eruption of energy, it makes the wholeness of it, come full circle, that it sounds never ending. Literally from beginning to end, the entirety of this album is just packed with so much as it is, it becomes so much fun to listen in on, you will not be bored of any of it. From Ashes Reborn just creates a listening experience, that is a refresher of the metal genre. Surely an album like this one "Existence Exiled", takes the genre into a more wider approach of style and sound, their abilities being unique but original.

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