Razorwire Halo Gather Together to Chat of the RWH

Electro-rock group Razorwire Halo have released their newest album "Retaliate", where the whole band gathers together to talk of the matters at hand, that is this album and its accompanying band.

1. Introduce yourself to our readers, where is the band from and can you give me a brief history of your band?

Tak: Hi I’m Tak Kitara, I am the founding member and lead singer of RWH. RWH has been around for awhile but it wasn't until around 2011 that we found our defining sound and direction we wanted to go in. Skylar has been in the band the longest after me. Darrell joined around 6 years ago. BIlly has been drumming for us around 3 years now and Kyle is the newest member joining in 2017.

Skylar: Hello!! I’m the requisite bassist and also provide backing vocals from time to time. 

Darrell: I play guitar and do backing vocals.

Billy: I hit the drums!

Kyle: Guitarist/Engineer.

2. How would you describe your music to people?

Tak: I like to think RWH conveys a futuristic post apocalyptic look and feel. We try to blend a clean and sleek look with a dirty, gritty look.

Skylar: Constantly evolving! We are, in general, a rock band, but it’s so difficult to label music! We have electronic, industrial, and heavy components to our music.

Darrell: Rock with plenty of electronic, and usually aggressive.

Billy: Industrial/hard rock with electronics.

3. Can you explain the reasoning behind the band's name choice of Razorwire Halo?

Tak:  When I was trying to decide on a band name I wanted to make sure the name had some depth to it and would look nice fully spelled out and be able to have an abbreviation. (We shorten it to "RWH"). There isn't actually a deep meaning behind "Razorwire Halo", just a desired look and feel.

Skylar: What Tak said! It sounds cool, eh? ^_^ Plus, I like to ask people what they think it means. It's always interesting.

4. How many and which releases have Razorwire released so far?

Tak: We are about to release our 11 official release. However, we don’t have all the previous albums available anymore. After 2011 we made a major shift to the bands sound and look so we used it as almost a reboot for the band and decided to retire the albums released before 2011. We only have our 6 latest releases on our site. For the diehard fans, if you look hard enough you can still find them online in spots.

Skylar: I don't know if I can count that high. ;)  We’ve put out SO many tracks, and there is always more to come.

Billy: 11 so far, it's A lot and so much more to come!

5. Which one of said releases would be your personal favorite of Razorwire Halo?

Tak: Each album has a part of it that is my favorite. Robot Boy I love the raw electronic feel through out and the overall soundscape from beginning to end. The Occurrence, After The Fall and New Empire all have their own unique feel but still feel like they go together. Our latest album Retaliate is my current favorite because it’s so emotional and a departure from our previous albums. We really focused on making the the tracks really bounce along with being heavy.

Skylar: Oh, that's impossible! Each new release becomes my favorite for a time… until I go back and listen to our older work… it's a vicious cycle.

Darrell: Like she said, each one becomes the favorite. We are very happy with the new album, it's my current favorite.

Billy: I'll probably say this new one Retaliate, first one I got to be apart of, the overall sound on it is amazing. The album crushes from the first track to the end.

Kyle: My vote is for retaliate or robot boy.

6. Why go with a single such as "Sweat"?

Skylar: It’s eye/ear catching. It’s got a catchy hook that we think will draw the audience in to give our other tracks a listen. At least we hope! <3 .="" p="">
Darrell: It's really sexy. Haha!

Billy: Catchy chorus, sexy song, how can you go wrong that?

Kyle: I still haven’t got it out of my head since I mixed it…. that’s got to be good right?

7. Will there be a video to accompany the "Sweat" single?

Skylar: Yes! We just wrapped up filming a couple weeks ago. We don’t have a set release date for the music video, but hopefully soon! ::crosses fingers::.

Billy: Yup yup yup! Soon the video should be getting back to us from Kenn Little of a Ghost in Every Room!

8. What about any other tracks off the EP "Retaliate", will they be receiving the single and or video treatment?

Tak: Yes, absolutely. I think we are all leaning towards the song "Pretty", at this point.

Skylar: There are a couple that could definitely transfer well to a visual story! We tend to write using storylines, so it’s a very visual process. We’d love to share our perspective!

Darrell: The answer is always yes. We enjoy using video as a way to tell a story.

Billy: Of course, I like what Tak said, I think pretty would be a fun song to shoot.

Kyle: Pretty is one of my favorites so definitely hope we can expand on that one!

9. Your stage presence is said to bring out a large full-scale production to the various stages, define this set-up?

Tak: We custom built our own 3d projection set up in 2015. It took around 8 months to build it and fully test it so we could make sure we could use it on small and large stages. We incorporated three layers of screens. A mesh screen in front of the stage that is mostly unseen. Two layers of white screens that are in front of our live gear and behind Billy. This allows for depth of the projection. We custom built all our videos that are in time with our tracks. We do not use video clips during the show as we try to make the projection more aligned with lighting and not movies.

Skylar: It takes teamwork!  We’ve pretty much got it down to a science, but we are always adding new elements.

10. Speaking of the stage, you guys will be going on the road for the next couple of months, what can the audience expect?

Skylar: A show they've never seen in a smaller venue. Be prepared to be sucked into the visual adventure!

Darrell: A very unique musical and video experience.

Billy: 3D! A unique experience for a live show!

11. Why should the people go forth and check out the material that comes from Razorwire Halo?

Skylar: We are trying to put out something new and ever evolving! Plus, we’d love to know what you think about it, positive or negative. We learn, grow, and adapt!

Darrell: We try to be unique, and bring something different to the listeners.

Billy: We’re trying to stand out and do something a little different here. Plus it's just an amazing feeling to have people listen to the art we have created.

12. What other plans are in effect for 2018 from you guys?

Skylar: More music, more shows, more everything!

Darrell: Just like she said, more music, more shows!

Billy: Tour! Music! Tour! Music!

Kyle: Pretty much all has been answered haha.

For More Information: http://www.razorwirehalo.com/.

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