Within The Giant's Reach's William says We Play Heavy Metal Plain and Simple

WITHIN THE GIANT'S REACH have been around for sometime now, writing and recording towards what is their debut EP "In The Beginning", due this summer. In the mean while, they have gone on to release such songs as "Rise", "The Summit" and "Faceless". Guitarist William Taylor talks there is to know about this EP!

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do in WITHIN THE GIANT'S REACH, and how long the band has been together.

William: My name is William Taylor, I play lead guitar in WITHIN THE GIANT’S REACH. We are a five piece comprised of Norman Lucas on vocals, Evan Parigi on drums, Edgardo Ortiz on Bass and last but not least Lenny Martinez on rhythm guitar. The group was established in 2016.  The “giant” was born out of a sense of purpose.  We wanted to bring positive messages and relatable song writing back to the metal community.  The entire EP is based off of everyday problems we face in today’s society.  Based on issues like bullying, trolling, inner potential and a few other serious topics in today’s world.

2. Where are you based out of and what is your local music scene like there?

William: We are a regional band headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Our frontman Norman Lucas is from St Louis, MO. Our two music scenes have many things in common such as, a sense of family and community.  Each has a tight knit group of musicians that support in every way possible.  St Louis has a thriving metal scene that houses some of the best venues in the Midwest.  San Antonio provides a mass variety of music providing great diversity in a very diverse city.  A true musician will always look for the good in the scene.

3. Why go with a name like WITHIN THE GIANT'S REACH for your band's namesake?

William: It represents the music we great. The giant is represented by our struggles physically and mentally.  You are always in battle with them. Always remaining in reach till the day you wake up and see your true potential, reach for the sky and conquer your giant.

4. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

William: I believe that a majority of our influences are pulled from our metal community. I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and my first influence into the music scene was my uncle.  He had a passion for music.  He took me to shows and hang outs with metal musicians at the time and I learned so much from those encounters.  I saw the inner-workings before actually venturing in as a musician which has helped us along the way.

5. What type of music do you guys play and why did you go with this genre choice out of all the others?

William: We play heavy metal plain and simple. Our music touches all styles. It is high energy lyrical metal.

6. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

William: The songs are written in a very methodical way focusing on song writing. All the songs are first written instrumentally.  During this time we are bouncing ideas back and forth with our vocalist to see what direction we are going with the song musically and lyrically in theory. Once the instrumentals are finished the song usually writes itself once we pick the message we want to convey.

7. Speaking of songs, you went and released the song titled "Faceless" as a single and video, why?

William: It is a hard hitting tune that takes on one of the biggest issues with social media, "Trolling."  It sends a message right out the gate.

8. Will there be any more songs to come from the EP "In The Beginning", that will be made into a single and or video?

William: More to be announced soon. Look for release information on Asher Media Relations or WITHIN THE GIANT’S REACH Facebook pages to come soon.

9. Why did you want to go with releasing a debut EP as opposed to an album?

William: We focused on quality not quantity.  We really wanted to write music that is relatable and provides meaning and that what we did with the EP, "In The Beginning."

10. Can you give me one good reason behind why people should go forth and not just out this EP but you as a band and why?

William: Not sure exactly what this question is asking; This EP will provide an impact. It is shear energy from start to finish. Find inspiration and love life.

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