DEEP DARK RIVER is the acoustic folk, blues, doom side project of Morgan Rider. A known vocalist/bassist of another act called Vesperia. Morgan goes into details about DEEP DARK RIVER and Vesperia, as well as where he plans to go from this point forward.

1. Let’s get started by introducing DEEP DARK RIVER to our readers. Who is DEEP DARK RIVER and how did you guys get started?

Morgan: Deep Dark River is my folk and blues solo project. I created this project during the summer at the revelation that I would become a father in 2018. I have always been a fan of this style of music and felt like I had much to contribute apart and away from my home of harder music.

2. How did you come up with the name DEEP DARK RIVER?

M: I have been asked by numerous people why I don't just use my name as the title for this project, and I can see their reasoning for this. I decided on the name Deep Dark River because, like a deep dark river, you cannot see the bottom. There is no way to know what is there waiting for you. I love the idea that no matter who latches on to my music now or in the future, I will always keep them wondering what the next album or single will sound like.

3. Where are you in the process of your upcoming debut self-titled album?

M: I am actually typing this from behind my console in my home studio. I have 4 of 12 songs completed, ready to be mastered. I have approached this album a bit differently than other albums I have done in the past with other projects, as I have been completing each song one at a time.

4. Why did you think that self-titling this album was the right choice to do?

I have always enjoyed it when projects begin with an album simply stating who they are. There are no predeterminations or expectations for the listener. A title can say a lot about a song and, of course, an album. I wanted everyone who happens across my first album for the first time to press play with a blank slate.

5. Have you decided upon how this self-titled album will look like with the artwork?

M: I have! The cover is simply a portrait shot of me with some deer antlers. The inner art will be cool pictures of ruins and landscapes that I have taken on my travels.

6. When can we expect the new album to be released?

M: I will be releasing the album before the summer!

7. Can you tell me about the track titled "The Golden Bough"and why it was picked as a single?

M: "The Golden Bough" is the first original single that I have released under the Deep Dark River name. I was inspired to write the lyrics to the song after the last several months of being bombarded with tragic news from all around the world. It is so easy for people to point fingers, destroy each other’s homes, kill one another, and so much more. And for what? Nothing that we do matters in the grandness of the universe and in the heartbeat of time in which we will exist. Are we really so eager to erase ourselves from the fabric of existence while we are still in our infancy? The song I wrote with this in mind is not so much a call to action; it's more a reflection of the mindlessness I see every day that I have no power to control.

8. What about its accompanying video, what concept is behind "The Golden Bough"?

M: The video I created for "The Golden Bough", is a simple visual representation of these ideas I have previously mentioned, with some visual aids courtesy of world news networks for the more ignorant.

9. Will we ever see DEEP DARK RIVER play a show or tour with Vesperia?

M: I wouldn't rule out the possibility, but I highly doubt the two projects will ever converge at the same time, considering each project's audience markets.

10. What else does the band have planned for this year?

M: There is much and more! Firstly, the release of the album! I will be performing more dates across my small corner of the world and increasing their frequency as well as berth. I will be performing some July dates in the U.S., and then travelling across North America in the fall to promote the new album.

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