Verthebral – Regeneration

What was it about the 90's that has everyone in such pleasantness. Even nowadays a lot of artists and bands within the music scene, diving back in, to get that sense of feeling of what it was back then. But in the case of metal music, Verthebral, is an act, who doesn't just play 90's style metal music, they take it to where it counts and downright matters most! How so? Well when it comes to their debut full-length album "Regeneration", they don't just play 90's styled metal, but they play death metal, one of the many metal genres, that many acts of the 90's played quite a bit back then. But Verthebral takes on the classic time with not just the style of genre, but their own embrace of it really. When listening to "Regeneration", you get hit with such passion, pride, and pure aggression, on how well everything works. The vocals and instrumentals is endless yet brutal through and through, making this album a solid piece of work and endless lengths of quality at that. This is clearly an album of elements that brings out the metal genre more clearer, with a modern day appeal, that makes their take more satisfying, rather enjoyable, and a great addition to your metal rotation of the genre case and point.

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