Tyakrah - Wintergedanken

When black metal is put into perspective, the genre of the metal genre is always well displayed. In the case of Tyakrah's debut album "Wintergedanken", it's a mash-up of black metal met with some elements of depressive black metal, with some stunning melodic working's, to that of atmospheric proportions. With that said, the album as a wholesome truths, is quite impressive, with a solid craft, yet cunning premise. The instrumental work with vocalization throughout, is well played, each doing their share of material angst, like the guitar work, really shows up at points, within not just the melodic pointers, but within the writing aspect as well. A lot of work put into just the guitar portions alone, it makes up for the rest of the material quite well. In other words, the writing in the instrumental side of the album is really thought out, whilst the vocalization keeps you interested, yet on your toes with glee. It's an album that has such glace, it has an aspect of something more thrown into it, for instance, influence taken from not just black metal and depressive black metal, but even some rock/metal influences can be heard, within the guitar work, the leads, solos, with some slight vocal work too. Mixing things up just makes the album that is "Wintergedanken" a more interesting yet solid piece of craft of work. Surely Tyakrah's best debut releases by far, if not perhaps best to date, it is at least a start for them.

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