Руины вечности - Шёпот забытых холмов

Руины вечности or Ruins Of Eternity in English, have gone to release an album they call "Шёпот забытых холмов", or in English terms "The Whisper Of Forgotten Hills". "Будни войны", really is the one track that expresses such angst within its melodies of power, it is no wonder it is the opening track to this album. It shows aggression, determination, and such fierceness it is one that makes you sway in awe. "Кто будет первым?!", is another one of those types of tracks, as the opener was, because if its fierceness and intensity vibes. It just gives off this momentum that just kicks the music up a notch or so. "Танк", on the other hand, is more low key, mellow driven, it delivers a ballad type of feel, with still the intenseness of aggression you can expect in the tone of style that these guys aim to build upon. "Для тех, кто потерялся на этой войне", is likely one of the more  types of tracks that just goes right, it shows off an energy source, of such creativity it is high strung. In other words, these selection of tracks is more or less, just there to showcase what this band is capable of doing, which is taking on a symphonic death metal genre, into their own accordance with style, that it works in so many ways, it becomes a wonder to behold, one they ended up calling Шёпот забытых холмов".

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