Funeral Tears - Beyond The Horizon

Russia's metal circuit sure does have a specialty in the metal genre, in the case of funeral doom metal act Funeral Tears, who have released their latest album titled "Beyond The Horizon", it is very promising. How so exactly is purely simple, because funeral doom is a style of the doom metal genre. It's a cross of death doom metal with funeral dirge music, it having a very slow paced tempo beats, with very fierce vocal chords. So take death metal or black metal style vocalization, then the sooth yet smooth styling's of doom metal, you end up with Funeral Tears. An eerie yet pleasing style of a combination of genres, that takes the music to another level of astonishment. Really though, the vocal chords performed on the number of tracks like "Close My Eyes", "I Suffocate", and "Eternal Tranquility", really demonstrates the abilities of not just the vocals, but the instrumentals as well. For instance, the instrumentals may be smooth sailing yet soothing to a tee, but they make the music very catching for the ears. Whereas the vocals suck you inward, keeping you interested, until the next song plays onward, it's how this whole album works out. "Beyond The Horizon", is a release that has a grounding level of material, that impacts the listener, showcasing a reality of raw power, yet still impressive tactics of the metal genre.

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