Darkflight - The Hereafter

Darkflight an act made up as a duo that would be unlike many other two piece acts in and around the music scene. For this duo act would take on the metal scene by the ankles, bringing the doom metal genre with then, as it was dragged willingly by said ankles, into the welcoming arms of an album titled "The Hereafter". This fourth full-length album, is indeed mixed with the doom metal appeal, with other elements thrown in for good measurements, like black metal and folk metal as well. While these work well in the favor of Darkflight, the entire album is rather quite mellow, yet has it's melodies of development lingering here and there. For example with the vocal chords placed throughout, you are tossed these patterned screams, that are intertwined with clean style vocals, combining the singing to be complex yet fierce as well. While the instrumental works are done very thoroughly, being brief yet intensifying, with each track's progression.  In other words, "The Hereafter" album, has a lot going for it, for one, being memorable yet keeping it's angst at a minimum, but still laid back worthy of many good listens, that are emotional yet bleak.

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