Cult Of The Horns - Chapter 1 - Domination

Who would have thought that with a namesake such as Cult Of The Horns, it would be if at all things, a solo project in the ways of music. But since this is a death metal act mixed well with black metal elements, solo project makes sense at least for one man personal Mephisto. He's the man behind all of the instruments as well as the vocals, over the array of releases spanning across the Cult Of The Horns catalog. Which would bring us to the latest working's that comes by the name of "Chapter 1 - Domination". This album of craft and very cunning work, is a mash of the mentioned genres, of death metal meets black metal elementals, with very much intensity in full force. This never being a drawback or downside at any costs, but more of a free will approach. It's like you get this intensity that is so vivid, gripping and filled with aggression, there is no end. That is what this album does, to you the listener, it is furry in a bottle, awaiting to be exploded with a little twist of the bottle cap.

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