Beyond Unbroken - Don't Wake The Dead

Built from the remains that were Escape The Fate, brothers Monte and Michael Money went on to create a whole new project, they named after themselves Money Brothers. Alas, this would not last long, as that band would cease to exist. Thus, forming another project from it, named Beyond Unbroken.

Who would go on to release a handful of singles that would appear upon their debut EP "Don't Wake The Dead", whose artwork was designed by former I Am Ghost and Requiem frontman Steven Juliano. "Under Your Skin" would make the first debut i 2015, following two more singles that next year in 2016 with "Don't Wake The Dead" the title track of the later named EP release, as well as another track "Losing My Mind".

Next up would be an all new track to come from the EP titled "Overdose". Whilst all these tracks turned singles and some videos, would be the glimpse into the aspect of what these guys can provide and create as a band, it really demonstrated their craft as not only brothers, but working together as team with their band mates.

So with three songs already heard prior the EP's release, with three new songs yet to be heard minus "Overdose", the other tracks included "Memories" and "Suffocate". Altogether though, these handful of singles, were quite promising when first released. The quality being well rounded and strong, while the instrumentals and vocal chords, were kept aggressive and raw.  It may bring to mind that of their previous band, but it is so much more than their past efforts. It steps into the lime light to be something so much better.

It takes a similarity factor for sure, but it becomes its own uniqueness and variety, having intense screams, killer guitar riffs, with even louder drum beats, that makes the entire EP truly unbelievable. In fact, none of the songs can really be claimed as a mention because they all play out so great. Working in the production and timing precisely swell.

All in all, "Don't Wake The Dead" EP release by Beyond Unbroken is a solid piece of work. It may bring memories of previous endeavors' but these guys are the it factor, that will be going places, little by little, in no time at all, with their style and sound source for sure.

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