Темнолесье - Сказания

Russian act Темнолесье or in English terms "Darkwood" would go on to release their album titled "Сказания", in English terms meaning "Legends". This titling being quite suitable for said release as well as for this particular act, their genre choice being to that of pagan folk. So it is folk music with a pagan twist, that sounds rather like a combination of black metal crossed with symphonic metal. Like in other words, imagine Nightwish's soothing instrumental works, with the vocalization to that of Dimmu Borgir or Behemoth style of sorts, it works either way. It's like an intensity mixed with an aggressive side that clash together, making the music become more in-depth with itself. Opening number "Егорий Храбрый", really demonstrates this ability, while "Гамаюн", perfects it, the rest of the album taking from it, with other tracks like "Удар Русских Богов" and "Явление Предка". So you see how you get a mixture of sorts, an intense side yet it is very progressive in its tone of material. That is what you get when listening to ""Сказания" by Темнолесье.

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