Frida Sundemo - Pure Versions

Swedish singer Frida Sundemo decided to take what was upon her debut album "Flashbacks and Futures", and reinvent it in the form of an acoustic matter, with the acoustic EP "Pure Versions". This release taking only a few of the tracks off her debut album, converting them into the acoustic way with such as "Gold", "Flashbacks and Futures", and "We Are Dreamers". But when first listening to the acoustic take of "Gold", the vocalization sounded very much like another artist named Nostalghia. The way that Frida Sundemo sounds, is a lot like how Nostalghia sounds with her vocal work. Even the melody and tone of the whole EP release, is much like Nostalghia's working's in terms of style and sound. In the way of these trio of tracks though, the three of them sound very nice, really fitting into the spectrum of the acoustic sense. They deliver a decent amount of quality and energy, that you find yourself at an inner peace setting. It feels very comforting and calming too, that you will find yourself turning to Frida Sundemo's work in various times over. "Pure Versions", is an EP that gets the job done, and does it well, with how her music builds itself up, creating many sources of its methods.

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