Tubefreeks - The Dry Tide

As soon as Tubefreek's album "The Dry Tide", began with it's opening number "Wicked Sky", the vocalist in question, had brought upon himself, an interesting premise, one of which had him sounding very genuine. This said, their style is simply put, hard rock. But how hard rock is hard rock well in the case of these guys that are Tubefreeks with their album "The Dry Tide", that opening number did catch my attention, as did other tracks off this release. Some of which included "Motoride", "Way to the Sun", "Reckoning", and "Mind Eraser". All of these being quite listenable, as their hard rock flare, kept the music fast, heavy, and pacing. The music would slow up then go fast then slow up again, doing a back and forth deal, but it kept the music in check. So it sounded fluid yet flawless, as if that hard rock energy never lacked, but preserved itself. That is how these song selections do to you as the listener, they keep your focus flowing, the music is always changing, but it is still chalk full of entertainment and lots of fun!  Pretty much that's how Tubefreek's plays out really, they are a hard rock act, with loads of energy to spare, that keeps their music enlightening yet highly entertaining. Surely though "The Dry Tide", is a solid piece of effort, with more music to follow suit, even if their vocal chords sound varying at time, it is more of a good thing for them.

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