Held Hostage - Take Me Away

Nonstop rock is how Held Hostage describes their genre of choice, it being as you would guess it, rock music. But their source of rock music is so diverse, yet so high energy fueled rock that it is as they put it nonstop. That is the presents you get when witnessing them perform live in a showcase or through listening to their works in the form of an EP or album, this case and point being an EP titled "Show Me The Way Back Home". An EP with brief track availability as the only tracks enlisted were a mere 2 of them, the title track and the bonus track "Take Me Away". Each of these tracks being quite entertaining, really bring out that proclaimed rock style of sound that, they rage on about within their abilities. It suites them and works rather well at that. The energy is well played and paced, as the instruments work well with the vocal chords, as they clash together, building a strong song structure that it makes the music more expandable. That it becomes more interesting to the ear, like how the instruments and vocals play together, it is as if, they were working hand in hand, that the music just falls into its proper placement. With that said, this band has just got it all going for them really, lots of angst, energy, and spunk that will keep their rendition of rock alive and well.

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