Disney Descendants Grasps the Trilogy of Manga

Tokyopop or styled TOKYOPOP was formerly known as Mixx Entertainment, in other words, this company was an American distributor, licensor, and publisher of anime, manga, manhwa, and Western style manga works, so Japanese cultured material. Or in simpler terms Japanese comic books, except these titled as manga using the Japanese art style called anime. So of course with a company now known as TOKYOPOP, they have gone on to release numerous titles, networking with various companies including most famous and popular around Disney!

Indeed so Disney and TOKYOPOP have networked together to release titles over the years, including take on the rights of a recent Disney property called Disney Descendants, a musical fantasy television film that was directed as well as choreographed by Kenny Ortega, most famous for his classic 90's Disney film Hocus Pocus! This time around Kenny Ortega went in with Disney once more to create this fantasy musical film that is Descendants, a 2015 film centering around the son's and daughter's of the beloved Disney villains, heroes, and then some. Since its debut it has since had a sequel Descendants 2, two soundtracks, along with assorted merchandise, ranging from appeal, toys, and books! Which brings us right back to TOKYOPOP and Disney's manga collab as they have taken the Descendants branding creating an anime manga title of volumes for this series.

The Disney Descendants manga was first introduced upon the 2017 edition of Free Comic Book Day, handed out at various comic locations, as a free sampler, with the first chapter of the manga series, this showing off what the story was, and how the art style would look, following the official manga release a short while later with its first volume with volume number two following later on that year. But this series is not just two volumes for a trilogy of volumes', a three part series simply titled "Descendants The Rotten to the Core" trilogy.

The first volume in the manga series focus upon the beginning of the first film Descendants, showcasing the villain kids, Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos, Mal being the daughter of Maleficent, Evie daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay son of Jafar, with Carlos being the son of Cruella De Vil. As these teens adjust to the life outside of their island prison the Isle of the Lost. As the four are invited to attend the school of Auradon Prep, which is the school of the teenagers of the Disney Princess's, Princes' and more Disney characters of the Disney realm.

As the volume one continues on with the storyline taken from the film, it follows the villain kids, as they plot together an evil scheme, trying to steal the Fairy Godmother's wand to use for their own deeds. But as they are toured around the campus, they get introduced to the teens of Disney's most famous heroes Ben, Audrey, Jane, and Chad. After a fruitless attempt at stealing the wand, they are forced to try to live out their double lifestyle within the school they now call home, thinking up more ways to get their plan to work in their favor.

That is how the first volume plays itself out. Whereas the second volume picks up right where the first left off. As the story continues the villain kids, continue to attend Auradon Prep, still trying to carry out the evil plan that their villainous parents gave for them to fulfill. But as they adjust to their life's at the school, things begin to change, and start to happen, as perhaps the teens of evil are starting to turn to good? There is no telling as to which way the story will lead come the third volume of this trilogy series of the Descendants manga! If you have seen the film first or two then you likely know how it plays out in this form, but reading it in this format is so much more compelling as it were. It is like you are seeing the film and story in a whole new way, showing the beloved characters of good and evil in an all new light of good and evil. The artistic direction of the characters just flies off the pages, while the interactions is chalk full of funny moments, with even funnier expressions. The story is again the same but told in a different way, with art style's that are so gripping and attractive. You just cannot look away from how vivid the styling is to the eyes. It is one of those manga series books that will have you not wanting to stop reading!

It's how this trilogy series plays out really. The art style being real focus besides the storyline. The way the characters work in this new fashion, is just so comforting, it makes the story much more fun and alive. You are literally taken into a whole another realm of sorts, that will have you embrace the characters more, in a whole another way, as said before.

Disney's Descendants series in both manga and as a standalone series, continues to showcase what it can do, as its own branding, having numerous spin offs with various incarnations that will keep you wanting so much more. It is that type of story, with such funny characters, creative story, with a telling of a tale, that must be read to be told. If you were not one to part take in enjoying manga, then this is one you need to cast yourself into, you shall not regret it.

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