Scott Smith - Igniting the Flame

Scott Smith, an American Americana whose praising has seen the best of his work. Since releasing material spanning some time now, his latest offering "Igniting the Flame" an EP release, takes tracks as his previous works, but enhances them, making them more well rounded, stepping upward than downward in terms of quality, both in sound, style, lyrics, and then some. This is Scott Smith's latest but is it his greatest?

Well it just so happens it may just be, to a point at least. The title track of the EP pulls in a backing female vocalist, really bringing in the flow of the beats, portraying onward throughout the track, keeping it fluid and free. The music is very catching, fun, and upbeat, with lots of beats going on really. While "Drop Kick It", is more of a whimsical upbeat tone to it, keeping at mind, those types of days, that may turn out for the worse, than for the better, you know a bad day. That is precisely what this song discloses in it's lyrical context, which is very relatable to some if not many. As a more edger track titled "Bulls Eye to my Heart", takes the lyrical context more so, having an imaginary of one to fall hard for someone else, you know romance and love, all that jazz. That is how this particular track plays itself outward.

It becomes edgy yet wholesome pure rock music, that is a rush of force you needed to slap you across the face. "Rolling Home", and "My Soul To Keep", are very much alike, having their tones being as said, much alike. The beats playing in accordance to one another, that they are upbeat, forward, and focused upon. "Eating Like Hippies", just sums up everything pretty much, bringing out this intense yet easy going melody of harmonies that keeps everything in check, that it all blends in together, to be very catching and upbeat. Having that source material just be present, yet enjoyable, that you can re-listen to this EP all over again and again, not getting tired or annoyed by it at all.

That is how much fun yet entertaining this EP that is "Igniting the Flame", is by Scott Smith. It's simply so chalk full of fun, outgoing material, that it just spills into the genre circuit that is country, blues, rock, so willingly, it is hard not to partake in its good old times at hand. Scott Smith having one good time with this one, and surely will continue to branch out with even greater works of art, that is his music creation.

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