Tinkerbell Soars into the Manga Series of the Disney Fairies

 TOKYOPOP and Disney have teamed up to release a series of manga based books, Japanese comic books, for numerous brands, characters, and what not. This being their take on the Disney Fairies branding that had a spin off series of films, toys, appeal, and other merchandise, all revolving around that spunk little fairy Tinkerbell! Indeed so Tinkerbell and her fairy friends return in an all new formula, since their departure from the film series of the Disney Fairies branding, releasing one television special with six films. Tinkerbell released in 2008, with Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure released in 2009, Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue in 2010, Secret of the Wings in 2012, The Pirate Fairy in 2014, with Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast in 2015.

The television special being Pixie Hollow Games in 2011. Out of the film and TV spin off special, the Disney Fairies was quite in demand and popular at the time of release back then, including at the theme parks of Disney as well. So with the film end of the series ending after the last film in 2015. There was another outlet to be had, in the way of books, but comic books, in the shape of the anime manga books. Japanese cultured based material highly yet very popular in all markets of the world as it would go.

TOKYOPOP and Disney taking the Disney Fairies branding creating a manga series, with numerous volumes' including Disney Fairies Vidia and the Fairy Crown, Disney Fairies Tinkerbell's Secret, and Disney Fairies The Petite Fairy's Diary.

The first volume of the Disney Fairies manga being "Vidia and the Fairy Crown", depicts the tale of when Queen Clarion's crown goes missing, on one of the night's of Pixie Hollow's biggest events ever, who is to blame well Vidia! As she is one of the meanest, rudest, uptight fairies around. So while the fingers are pointed at her, is it really on her wings? Vidia must fly on an adventure trying to hunt down the crown, as her all over Never Land, trying to find it in time to save her own reputation of being mean to perhaps good? That is what the story, goes into details about, as the art style is very fluid, vivid really, seeing the fairies in the film series, turned a whole another art style for this manga series, is something else. It is as if the characters literally fly off the pages, as you read through the story. The art being so creative and unique, it keeps the read and story at hand, very interesting and genuine too. It is a story with lots of fun, outgoing, yet clever incidents that Vidia faces while on her journey of finding the crown of Queen Clarion.

The next volume in the Disney Fairies manga series is titled "Tinkerbell's Secret" it shows off another part of the story, that was not shown in the films, unless you count Peter Pan I and II of course. But in the Disney Fairies aspect, this story brings in Peter Pan and the Lost Boys for sort of the first time. The actual story of how Tinkerbell and the boys met has yet to be told from Disney, but she has been shown with the boys in various points, including this story here. As this one shows Tinkerbell getting to fix the bath tub of Queen Lee, one of the most biggest honor any tinker fairy could get from somefairy. But Tinkerbell ends up losing her magical hammer, she uses to tinker things with, so she cannot fix what needs to be fixed until it is found. So she must go where she likely lost the hammer, in of all places Peter Pan's secret hideaway. After losing the hammer she has also lost something more precious to her, her ability to tinker! Looking for the hammer while not getting cauhgt by Peter or the Lost Boys is quite difficult, but during your daring read, you are just taken a back at by how the art style is just drawn out. Cannot stress that enough, of how the art is pulls you into the story even more. Seeing the characters you have known in one way, seeing them in this new way is just thrilling and just as exciting as this tale is really. The story is gripping and fun through and through though, lots of laughs, scares, and moments you will recall right after for sure.

On the next volume of adventure, comes "Disney Faries The Petite Fairy's Diary", has a tale about one of the smallest fairies to ever live in Never Land named Petite. As she keeps a diary of her life upon Pixie Hollow and Never Land as well. Her getting to celebrate the anniversary of her 777th full moon, the day of the fairy's birth, but Petite has yet to know of discovering her special skill as a fairy! Petite ends up trying at everything possible within Pixie Hollow, sadly failing at everything. But she does prove to those who know her that she is there to help in their time of need. Her friend an intrepid named Dill, helping her find her talent just in time, but what is the talent in question, only time will tell for certain. As the story leading up to that moment is truly exciting for each turn of the page.

Yet just another one of those fun filled adventures of a read. The artistic styling of the characters just being so beautiful and fluid, of a read through. The way the art showcases how these characters interact and move within the pages, and storytelling is so moving. The art done in manga is just so capturing to the eye, you feel lots of emotions soaring through, as you read onward with each of these volumes' in this telling tale.

Thus, with that the Disney Fairies manga based series, is just as compelling as the film and TV special. It brings back all your favorite characters, as well as all new ones to enjoy and take in their stories to be told. If you are a fan of fairies and Tinkerbell, then this is a must read for you. Disney continuing to do well, in keep the magic, wisdom, and wonder alive and well.

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