Angelspit - Black Dog Bite

Angelspit was quite the buzz for the website when discovering them some time ago. Since then though, they have released a handful of albums including their seventh full-length release "Black Dog Bite", that is said to have Angelspit's trademark cynical lyrics, with loads of other classy choices, the scathing vocals, dirty massive synths, sampled gun machine guitars, with that brutal ultra beats, that truly destroys this 12-track release.

That said, the 12-track album takes an array of tracks including opening number "Satanic Aesthetic", a track truly one for its kind and making. As it takes the industrial EDM gothic tone to another level of those genres combined, it is like it were a screaming track with the vocals being so unheard of, that you can barely understand them, but can withstand the music just enough to keep your interest. The vocals not being a bad thing, but trying to listen in, does take some getting use too and is hard to hear, let alone understand. Together though the music and vocal chords just work out well enough to suit the album.

"Ugly Deeds", "Bang Bang Bang", "Hidden Knife", and "Dead Man Talking", are the set of tracks off "Black Dog Bite", that just make this album well off for itself. These alone, really setting up what this album is like as a whole. You get tossed lots of industrial and EDM mixes, as the freaky sound effects, beats, and tones going for these tracks, really make themselves catchy and really upbeat. Literally if you do not find yourself nodding your head to the beats pulsating outward, then tapping your foot would do the trick nicely. Surely though, these tracks altogether is what makes this album stick.

Angelspit's seventh release of an album titled "Black Dog Bite", is one that shows an improvement from the previous assortment of releases. This one, being one to not be missed, or to be bored with, because it has a lot of variety, catchiness, and beats galore.

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