Shauna Burns - Scarborough Fair

Traditions have not heard that term used for quite some time, as many frown upon being traditional or having traditions at times. Only very few keep that term in mind, let alone go as far as use it, as they see fit. What does the traditional aspect have to do with Shauna Burns' track "Scarborough Fair"?
Well Shauna Burns has taken the old English traditional song appeal with a little bit of a twisting aspect of the Celtic kind. Think Lord of the Rings crossed with Harry Potter somewhat. Any fantasy with dungeons and dragons, Vikings, folk lore, folk tales, fairy tales, you get the idea, of how the music will likely sound. Hence, where it would fit the best at least.

In any case though, that is what Shauna Burns has done with this track of hers she calls "Scarborough Fair". A track that just so happened to keep coming up all over for her, as she was at the time wanting to make a big music project, but things got in the way as it were. So instead this song came into play, as she had been spending a lot of time out in the greenery lush places where the grass grows green and trees stand tall. Shauna had decided that she was going to sing the part of the woman, she had imagined walking through the landscape of her fantasy, both of her being and mindset.

So with that, she worked alongside a handful of friends that would accompany her on the journey to make this track possible and imaginable. Having the use of a harp among other instruments ranging from the violins and piano work, besides the obvious vocal chords. Bringing these together upon this track, really made the song more believable, that you, yourself pictured that you were there witnessing this woman of pure fantasy walking amongst that landscape of depth and emotion.

That is how this track plays out, it gets your mind working more than it should. As this track takes you on an epic fantasy journey at will, with such luscious tone of melodies and harmonies, that you just want to dip into that realm of a world, outside your own, dealing with the reality of work, stress, and the like. "Scarborough Fair", takes all of that away from your mind, letting you breathe in deeply, letting all of the stress and mindful chaos, float away. It is soothing and very nicely put out really.

All in all though Shauna Burns as an artist and musician is really stunning. Her voice really engulfs the listener, with her easy listening tone, the music used in this piece, really gliding her along. It makes the whole appeal of the song, much more interesting to the ear and listener at hand. Really bringing out that imagination to its fullest content.  No other way to sum it up, better than how it's been described right here. Take your mind off the world you live in, as you soar off into another world that is pure fantasy and imaginary like you could never imagine possible.

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