The Union - Saskia

The Union is to the band members a story to tell, due to their unity together. Hence forth, their namesake is more than just that, a name, as it would be this year, they would have founded together as a wholesome five piece, that brought Tommy, Nev, Pete, Dave, and Muncie together, offering them an opportunity to start something. But not just any something, but something together, a chance to make music, that they had believed in and would send out a positive yet uplifting message, finding something truly genuine and unique.

With that 'Saskia", would become what is now as their debut single. The song written and recorded as their "feel good" single of choice, as they are currently working up more new music, that will come in the form of a debut full-length album if not an EP debut release, either or will do them nicely really. In any case though, The Union's debut single called "Saskia", takes your pop rock or rock pop genres, whichever way you want to toss them about, to create said single. That is what it is really, a pop rock track with lots of thrust into the past era of when pop rock was alive and well, with such acts as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and even Blink 182.

This track really bringing out that time of the past, into the current present day. As it would have it, this track just creates such a catchy upload of high yet slow paced energy, it is hard to resist it. It is as if the track has a ballad type feel at the start and finish of it, but in the middle more of a rush feeling, it is quite the mix up really. But a good really, because this all plays well into the music directly, for the instruments and vocals, really work well together. Vocal ranges being very well thought out with clean cut vocals with screaming pin points placed here and there, really make the music flow. As the instruments take it home, bring it altogether, makes it more of a well rounded piece.

Nevertheless though The Union's "Saskia", debut single is one for the books, a sure keeper of sorts, that will kick start this band, into the limelight of the music pop rock scene for sure. They have got style, with lots of attitude and energy, that will grasp the attention of many.

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