Venus Theory - Nightwalker Part 1

"We're a duo from the Midwest and we make music" says Venus Theory's bio which just so happens to best describe them. As they are a duo act, with a dynamic driven of freshness upon the music genre simply as bass music. Bass music being an umbrella term for electronic dance music, that has emerged in the U.K. during the mid-200's under the influence of dubstep, U.K. garage, wonky, R&B, 2-step, house, grime, and other electronic styles that coalesced amongst varying artists and bands in existence to the trend at hand.

Nevertheless though, this duo act Venus Theory has got an EP that will lay itself outward to become a series of sorts. For this EP titled "Nightwalker Part 1", takes the first batch of tracks, as the next set is to follow soon enough. In any case though, this current EP release "Nightwalker Part 1", takes the style of genres above, except enhances them, as such tracks as "Fire", and "Afraid To Let Go", are just the tip of what to expect from this daring duo. As these tracks alone, really set up what these two can do creatively.

Like these tracks just said, are what creates a transcendent sound the features a wild blend of raw, gut leveling emotion, with such an electric style that is soars beyond the atmospheres. The pacing of these tracks, being very outgoing, focused, and fun. They drive and direct the force of the music, as it becomes very empowering, and uplifting. Having a rather catchy beat, that keeps the music in a trance period. While other tracks like "Echo" and "Heart Still Beating", maintains a more mellow feeling, The beats still being a place checker, but they are less upbeat, more down paced, that the beats pulsating out become more on the down low.

As for the rest of the material off this EP, it just plays off everything else. It has work that is catching and upbeat, while others is more laid low. It just evens itself out, to balance it all out. Simply Venus Theory is a duo act, that keeps it altogether, with the angst to keep it all going. Expect more of their creative visions on future efforts.

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