Brendan McMahon - Universalist

Brendan McMahon was once known by another name for his music creativity. His once known moniker was Satellite Gods. Since departing from his former moniker, Brendan has gone on to team up with some of Australia's top musicians that keeps the joyful schizophrenia flowing upon his newest and latest efforts his EP "Universalist".

"Mother", is being said to be the highlight of this EP, as it is one of the heartfelt ballads to be had for Brendan McMahon. It is truly one of those ballad tracks you can just understand and appreciate. It may bring to mind many other ballads by numerous artists and bands, but this one is truly one to not miss. As it provides not just being a ballad track, but one track that stands out for this EP. It's soothing melodies paving the way, for what else Brendan can create in future works. With that, the meaning behind the "Mother", ballad is just everything, simply disclosing all that can be felt within the emotions of loving someone, especially your own mother. You really being taken aback to listening in to the lyrics of this track. It bringing  to mind, your own thoughts, memories, and more about your own mother and fellow loved ones. Simply as it's been said, it is one of those heartfelt ballads because of the feelings behind it.

"Beat", is this pulsating track, that keeps the adrenaline flowing.  Lots of energy and aggression, that the song just becomes heavy duty source material, that keeps on rockin. Surely one track that will keep you bobbing your head with ease. Whereas other tracks like "Fridays In December", brings this same source of aggression, but tones it down a tad or so. As it is more of a holiday based track, that keeps the spirit of Christmas alive and well. The rest of the tracks off this EP "Universalist" are simply folk rock based material. They are easy going, with a  nice groove pushing on through, while these other tracks, bring on that rock n' roll puncher to the kisser.

All in all though, Brendan McMahon's EP is surely one to keep the mixes of the music a variety of effort. One source of work, that will make the sounds, on repeat, to not disappoint with each play through, but to be enjoyed.

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