The Shrimps - Abstracts and Keywords

"Abstracts and Keywords" by The Shrimps is one album that is quite impressive. As it would take aim with its 11-tracks, all of which play forth in bringing that acoustic folk rock momentum to life. As many other artists and bands tend to do these days. The Shrimps captures it in another way, as their style is more in-depth, overflowing with passion, energy, and focus.

For instance take their songwriting style being very dynamic as the lyrics fill in the voids of the instrumental portions done by the music. Whilst the music plays its role on the album, taking in all of the tracks offered. Such tracks include "Rebels", "Wings of an Angel", "Ocean Girl", and Top of the World". All of which just so happen to be quite catching to the ear and eyes. As the melodies and harmonies of the various instruments like the mandolins really bring home that acoustic folk rock tune. When listening to these tracks, what came to mind was of an artist named Gary Jules, his works being along these lines, of mixing acoustics, folk, and rock together, with some dash of pop thrown into the mix as well. That is the same style that The Shrimps gives off with these tracks and style overall.

In short, The Shrimp's style is very easy to listen to. As it becomes more pleasant with each play through of this release. All of the tracks, including those mentioned, bring in a classy acoustic front, that the band can take in, creating even greater material that sounds more thought out and creative. Surely this is one act, to follow up on, as they got tons of style, with upbeat tones to keep the music fluid and true blue.

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