Liv Lombardi - Freedom Girl

"Singing and slinging songs because sometimes a person doesn't have a choice. Listen up! Feel the love, spread the good vibe" is what Liv Lombardi says about herself and her music. That said, this singer and songwriter, studied acting and music back in the day, soon after taking her act on the road, touring and playing shows left and right. The next set of years she would tour multiple times across Europe and the U.S. In 2012 Liv would release her debut album "Self-Medicate" (2012) with sophomore follow-up "The Unraveler" (2014). Then it would be a short while, before releasing her third full-length album titled "Freedom Girl" (2017).

Now this album would take the previous Liv recreating her in a whole new form. Thus, Liv would go onto expand her horizons with both singing and songwriting together. The release of sorts, would take such tracks as "Heart On Fire", "Grace", and "The Swell", into consideration, these being the "standout" tracks to check out. Why were they the one's to stand out, well their crafting skills were just so outspoken and creative. Their tone of melodies really embracing the jangly, folk, rock, that Liv has built upon since her start. She has just made this source material much more rounded, that it becomes evenly balanced and upbeat. More or so in a groove, keeping up with the beats playing out. In short, this set of tracks are just catchy and catching to the ear.

 All in all though, Liv Lombardi has got a release, to be set upon the table, for her previous releases, are fitting but this one is much more modernized, and unique. It brings forth a style of sound that is truly out there, her vocals and instrumentals being strung along just right, that you can feel the mix of the two, creating something not real but it is real. It is the ways of music, created by someone that knows it.

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