Madness Of Sorrow - N.W.O. The Beginning

Madness Of Sorrow has gone through some changes as of late, as former vocalist and instrumentalist Muriel Saracino stepped down as vocals to focus on guitar parts, song writing and the managerial side of the band. So replacing him would be new vocalist of the band Prophet. Prophet now in the role, the band would move on to write and record what will be their fourth album "N.W.O. The Beginning". The title likely referencing the band's "new" beginning with their new vocalist Prophet just a guess though.

 In any case this fourth full-length album, consists of 12-tracks, consisting of an intro and outro track, with some heavy grooving horror metal in the middle. For instance, tracks like "Inside The Church", "RIP", "Zombieified", as well as "Keep Your Head" are all quite good, they are heavy, keep the music flowing, and sound just like the band's previous works. Except this time of course, they have the addition of Prophet as the vocalist, and his vocal chords on the album, really make it that more interesting. His style is fresh and keeps the music bouncing, like a faster energy is flowing from the beginning of the album to the end of it, if that makes sense.

The album just brings out this variation of the music that they have built upon, you got the heaviness in these tracks, while other tracks keep the heaviness inside, but take a mellower approach, resembling a more gothic, easy going vibration. It's like if HIM and Davey Suicide teamed up, is what you get when listening to "N.W.O. The Beginning". Well maybe not just those acts, but some added effects of Wednesday 13 with his former act of the Murderdolls, is what this band and album do, and the affect it creates.

Madness Of Sorrow may have gone through some changes to the band themselves, but those changes were made well, because this point can take the band to a whole lot more places, with this improved sound and style of rhythm. That they have got going on.

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