Ruins Of Elysium - Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity

The tenor of epic symphonic metal that is Ruins of Elysium, released their EP "Daphne" just last year in 2016. Sometime later they returned to writing and recording for the follow-up release, an album titled "Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity". This album would release a single off it called "Serpentarius". That said, this single and album as a whole, is indeed what they called their genre choice, that is tenor of the epic symphonic metal. But it is in fact done by not a full fledge band but a trio. Yes a trio act, that really captures the essence that is the symphonic metal genre.

The first single for one, really captures the formula that was included on the previous EP "Daphne". While the rest of this new album "Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity", is a more expanded experience from this single. It takes the trio band of just again three members, and really brings it full circle.  Like other tracks off this album that really make this release, such an experience would be opener "Lama Sutra", as well as other tracks including "Shadow of the Colossus". But it doesn't end there, the rest of the tracks fit in just fine, but the wrap-up of this album, say tracks 7 through 11, really bring out that experience ever so further. How so? Well these track selections for one, tell a story, literally each of these has a part to it, part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. How these all tie together is really something else on its own. The music is really captivating, while the vocal chords just blend so well, it makes it all move along that it's never ending. It ends up being one of those albums, that you think it will end after that last track, but you find yourself wanting it not to end.

The "Daphne" EP was an interesting formula in itself, but the album "Seeds Of Chaos And Serenity", is an expansion of the EP and single as said before. There is just so much more to this album, it has that magic to it, the discovery feeling, of you enjoying the music as it's flowing along. That you may just not look or hear, any other symphonic metal act out there. Ruins Of Elysium is something totally different and unique and really captures their own style well, and it is displayed really well right here.

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