Oceanwide - The Moving Forward

One man projects can be tough, but for Bulgarian guitarist/song writer Marin Bezhanov, it was easy. Well.... sort of, formed in November 2015 by Marin, as a studio project, and his wants and needs to express his music and lyrical ideals, sharing them with the world. The rest of this project called Oceanwide, was formed around this whole project, teaming together musicians and engineers, who wanted to simply keep making music with nice melodies and meaningful lyrics, and to inspire people hopefully. "The Moving Forward" EP is a debut effort, where these teamsters would not give up on trying to find oneself, when you find you are feeling lost.

That being said, "The Moving Forward" EP, was just recent this month, 6th of March 2017. It contains 5-tracks, one of which really stands out called "The Cure", a very upbeat, and rocking tune that really keeps the EP pulsing with overflowing music. Whereas other tracks like "Might Get Better", and "Connection", tie the album together as a whole, while the last track is just a combo of the first tracks off this release. The other two tracks though "Might Get Better", and "Connection", really relate well to "The Cure" having that upbeat tone to them. The lyrical context being very well rounded, having material spoken, that all can relate and notice about themselves or others around them.

Oceanwide is one of those up-and-comers, that draws similarities to that of Switchfoot crossed with All Time Low, The 1975, and even some Mayday Parade. Just a mixture of what can be expected from the likes of these guys, called Oceanwide and their debut EP "The Move Forward", because that's where they are headed musically forward from here on out.

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