X Japan - We Are X Soundtrack

Japan has got to be one of the most, recognizable places on the planet. How so exactly? Well it's known for its culture for one, as well as releasing a series of films, television programming, including widely popular, anime, and manga, plus of course the music scene, being extremely noticeable. Coming out of its music division would have to be from Chiba, Japan. Having formed in 1982, drummer Yoshiki and lead vocalist Toshi, came together to form a band that would be called by all as X Japan. The style would be power/speed metal, from that point onward, the band would go through the struggles and strengths as any other band would face.

Thus, the years would pass and so would the band, and here we are with them releasing a documentary film titled "We Are X" and a soundtrack for said film, using the same title. That said, the soundtrack takes songs from their extensive career and releases, such as, "The Last Live", "X Japan Returns", and "Dahlia Tour Final" as well as unplugged material and acoustic performances of such songs as "La Vensus" and "Without You". The soundtrack itself, features 14-tracks, track 1 and 14 being exclusive to the soundtrack itself. Track 1 titled "La Vensus" is one of the acoustic styled tracks off this release, it's acoustic version being very breath taking as it were, really embracing the music and essence that is X Japan, let alone their career span. While track 14 "Without You" also an acoustic unplugged track, concludes the album, is another one of those songs, by X Japan that just moves you, it brings their music to life, really capturing their abilities as musicians, even though it has been quite some time, they are still a band that stands out above all the rest, even from Japan itself.

The soundtrack does include other tracks that go along the same lines as the opener and closer. It would have to include such as "Crucify My Love", "Standing Sex", "Tears", and "Endless Rain". The rest of the soundtrack, is good material, solid in fact, but these tracks in particular, just captive the music a whole lot more, really catching onto the X Japan material. The music while it's been out forever it seems, is still powerful, solid, and well rounded. It sounds rather brand new, even though it's old works, that's how music should be created, it is art, that feels new, even though it is old. It brings out that creativeness that just never goes away, if that makes sense.

X Japan's "We Are X" soundtrack is one of those releases that really goes well with the film it is accompanying. X Japan have shown to their fan base that has been there from the start, to others who are just coming in, that we are X, and we are here to stay, because X Japan is us, X Japan is life.

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