Underwing Announce Debut EP "Kaela Upsweep"

The Norwegian progressive rock outfit are dropping their debut effort in May 2017. By disobeying the rules set by genre boundaries, ‘Kaela Upsweep’ is a unique release consisting of five varied tracks that explore the grunge, progressive metal and funk genres. The result is a musically diverse EP brought together by Underwing’s trademark sound consisting of powerful vocals, catchy riffs, groovy basslines and pounding drums.

Unifying these different elements are the lyrics where an overarching theme is how self-growth can be attained through enduring and overcoming challenges faced in life. The EP was entirely self-produced by the band with Joachim Walle Michalsen (drummer) mixing, mastering and producing the record. This approach was taken to ensure that the original vision for ‘Kaela Upsweep’ would remain intact until the
very end.

Slated for a release on the 20th of May, the EP will be released both physically and digitally through the record label Pinecone Records. The release will be supported by several tour dates to be announced.

Underwing was formed in 2016 and quickly found their signature sound inspired by the likes of Tool, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath. The latter half of 2016 was spent recording their debut EP while simultaneously touring the southern coast of Norway. The band released their first singles, ‘Reaper’ and ‘Paragon’ in the summer of 2016, both of which were heavily streamed on Spotify and Youtube.


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