Native Detroit Artist/DJ OCTiV has released INFERNAL, a 6-track EP featuring collaborations with both Celldweller & ForeverKid set to an epic mythological storyline, available now from FiXT.

"'INF3RN4L' is a high energy fusion of modern bass music and heavy metal set to a complex story both sci-fi and and metaphysical alike". - OCTiV

The 6 track EP constitutes the groundwork of a broad, multi-media narrative drawing on sci-fi futurism, religious mythology, and existential philosophy which draws inexorably to a cataclysmic crescendo.

If your last hope was the deepest evil, what would you choose? The Black Magic Galaxy awaits your decision.

Listen to the title track "Infernal" (feat. Celldweller) HERE.


01. Vitcode
02. Die Tonight
03. Death Twerk (feat. ForeverKID)
04. Dark One
05. Infernal (feat. Celldweller)
06. Eden (feat. 'O')

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