Living Dead Doll's Damien Glonek Does Not Regret Creating This Horrifying Fun Line

Iconic horror memorabilia has been around for quite sometime now and since the creation of some infamous dolls known simply as the Living Dead Dolls manufactured by Mezco Toyz since 2000 designers/creators Ed Long and Damien Glonek have not looked back since this first got started way back when. Designer/creator Damien Glonek discusses this long term project that's captured the eyes of at least one person since it's beginning.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do for the Living Dead Dolls line.

Damien: My name is Damien, I am one of the co-creators of Living Dead Dolls.  I do the some of the designing of the dolls.

2. This line has been around for 13 years what runs through your mind - especially since it is Lucky Number 13.

Damien: Actually we are in our 15th year now.  The one thing that runs through my year every year we do this is, I can't believe we are lucky enough to have it lasted this long.

3. Why did you want to create this line to begin with and why take the horror approach and concept out of all the other themes and genres available.

Damien: I think when creating something it is always important to do what you know and like, and horror is our thing.  It would be foolish for us to do something we have no interest in.  I think that lends itself to the success of the brand, because we are making things that we want to see instead of trying to please anyone else.

4. What was the very first Living Dead Doll that you ever made and why was it the first one?

Damien: The first Living Dead Doll ever made was Sadie.

5. What is your favorite horror movie, TV show, comic book, book, icon etc. Of all time and why?

Damien: There are so many great horror films and etc, out there it is impossible to narrow anything down to one favorite.  I like a lot of films from the 70s and 80s, especially European films.  Comic Books, I am all over the place.  I read almost everything except science fiction.  I am not a big fan of that.  I don't read a lot of fiction books, I read mostly non fiction, not sure if I really have a favorite.

6. What other types of memorabilia is there aside from the dolls.

Damien: We have made numerous other types of LDD memorabilia outside of dolls.  T-shirts, lunch boxes, Halloween costumes, pencil sharpens, stationary sets, prints, etc.

7. The dolls themselves are manufactured by Mezo Toyz what can you tell me about that company and why did you want them to handle this deadly work?

Damien: Mezco has been a great company to work with for a few reasons, one they are a smaller company and they are interested in the integrity and longevity of the brand instead of just wanting to exploit it for all the money it is worth and killing it off.  They allow us to create things we would never have been able to accomplish on our own and since the very beginning their intention has always been to have us at the creative helm.

8. Throughout the course of this doll's career it's gone from handmade to series' to exclusives, miniatures, sets, the list is endless - what more can you see become of this line?

Damien: More of everything.  I would love to have a haunted attraction and a movie of some sort.

9. Would you consider taking the full on plushie approach with these dolls or do you prefer the original format?

Damien: We have done numerous formats in the past but the original 10” format has always proved to be the most successful.

10. Out of all of the dolls made which is the most rarest, valuable, and hardest to find that the collectors need to own?

Damien: Probably the bloody Eggzorcist when we first started out is one of the rarest, but there have been a few one offs here and there and of course any hand made doll is rare since they were all one-of-a-kind.

11. What other forms would you like to see this doll line become like an online webisode cartoon series, comic book series, movie, etc.

Damien: I would love it all.  Any of those would be a dream come true.  I think that is the next step.

12. Whose idea was it to encase the dolls in a coffin shaped box as opposed to an original regular type of box.

Damien: When we first started making the dolls by hand, we found coffins that were a perfect fit for them,  So we developed the packaging all up before they were pick up by Mezco.

13. Do you see this line to expand away from the horror approach like entering other themes or genres or even holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentine's etc.

Damien: We have done Xmas and Valentine’s Day dolls in the past, but all with a horror approach.  The only thing we have done that not on the macabre side was Hit-Girl from the first Kick-Ass film, and even then a little girl who says cunt and kills people to the theme of the Banana Splits and Joan Jett is right up our alley.

14. How many dolls total are there throughout this entire collection?

Damien: I don't know any exact number, but well over 200 total probably.

15. Out of all of them which is your favorite and why?

Damien: Like movies, it is impossible to pick just one.  They are all like my children and like I like many of them for different reasons.  I am always excited about the latest series we do.

16. Are there any certain characters that you would NOT want in this line?

Damien: There are characters that don’t fit the Living Dead Dolls brand for sure.  We try to keep everything on some kind of horror themed level.

17. Would you consider bringing the Living Dead Dolls line together with another series like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac or Emily The Strange etc.

Damien: Sure it would be fun to collaborate with another artist or expose LDD to different “worlds”.  Don’t we tend to not play well with others.

18. Where can we check out more about this line and where can we buy these?

Damien: Best way to keep up to date on everything is to join our newsletter over at or like us on Facebook.  Right now LDD are sold through Mezco Toyz and finer specialty shops online and elsewhere.

19. What is the price range for each of these dolls?

Damien: Prices vary from who you buy them from, but they tend to be about $30 average.  Older out of production dolls can demand more money on the secondary market.

20. Why should people be interested in this particular line?

Damien: Because it shows they have a refined taste and are willing to celebrate their macabre side instead of just being force fed the nonsense that society shoves don people throats.

21. Are you fan of any other doll lines currently out that you could recommend us checking out or would fall between the lines of this collection?

Damien: Not really.  I haven't seen much else doll wise that impressed me.  I guess the real dolls are kind of cool.

22. If a fan wanted to have you sign one of their dolls in a meet and greet or chat with you how can they do so?

Damien: We do numerous conventions throughout the country and are always accessible to our fans there and never charge for autographs.  Or you can message us through facebook or

23. What else do you guys have planned for the rest of this year leading into next year?

Damien: Right now Dracula and Pyscho dolls are shipping and Krampus should be out by the end of the year.  That would wrap up 2013 and next year we celebrate Living Dead Dolls’ Sweet 16.

24. Do you ever think back and regret creating the Living Dead Dolls?

Damien: Never, not one bit.

25. Anything else you'd like to say to the fans or want to add?

Damien: More then anything else it is the fans that have contributed to Living Dead Dolls success and we appreciate everyone one of you out there and try and keep an open relationship with as many as we can.  In these tough retail times, your support is needed most of all to continue.  Thanks for the interview.

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