Awaken The Empire Goes Onto Delta Wave

Alternative-Rock band from Seattle, Washington Awaken The Empire has come a long way since getting started way back in 2009. Through the years the band had made a name for themselves including touring, playing various showcases, to even releasing music videos and an EP release. All was going well for them that the EP release lead to the process of a full-length debut, that fans had the chance to hear first in 2012 at a special listening party event. But after that point and time everything soon began to change, band members left and new member's would replace them, but soon after they would get signed with Century Media Records and later on change their name to Delta Wave.

When asked about the debut album that was heard in 2012 and if the old songs would be sung at future showcases, frontman vocalist, guitarist, and programmer Damien Lawson said "The album recorded as Awaken The Empire will still come out just under the new name. So the old songs are still a part of us. But there's also new music, a new member, and really its a new band."

Awaken The Empire had made a posting on their Facebook page leading fans to the band's official website with the following message;

Their debut album will make it's mark in 2014!

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