The Recently Deceased - Never Trust The Living

The Recently Deceased got their start by originally combining the sounds of all genres of rock mixed with horror inspired theme's and lyrics with a stage show that should have not been missed. By doing this, it lead them to release their debut EP "545" which lead to the release of their debut full-length album "Never Trust The Living". This release is packed with the horror inspired theme and lyrics each song delivering such an impact and impulse it truly does deliver the instrumentals and vocal chords as well. "Vampira", "Road Warrior", "Wolfbite", "Rock and Roller", and "Dead By Dawn", are the songs that bring out other acts that these guys resemble like The Misfits, Danzig, Calabrese, The Suicide Ghouls, Stellar Corpses, and Church for Sinners, these bands alone have set a wide range horror tunes too. Everything on this release just works really well that it stands out, making the guitars, bass, and drums collide with one another that it keeps on going, like it's not going to stop at times. Each expressing its own creativeness  with pure ease that The Recently Deceased has made a calling for themselves, and will easily become one that does not follow the crowd just embraces it.

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